How we created a highly-available distributed mobility optimization system in Scala, using Akka clusters, Kubernetes, and Kafka with a domain-driven approach, a functional programming mindset, and a culture of excellence

source: phloxii, via shutterstock

When people ask me what we are doing here at Bestmile, I’m a bit embarrassed. The best way to describe it is no other than “we create a cloud platform to optimize transportation.” Every time I voice this out loud, it sounds pretty ambitious and even a bit boastful.

And yet, in practice, this is what we are attempting. We are modeling vehicles, bookings, plans, routes, availabilities, resources, etc., generically. We aim to support most surface transportation modes, from human-driven to autonomous, from schedule-based to on-demand, from handling passengers to goods, and all that mixed and matched. We use “Everest”…

A set of abstractions to manage the lifecycle of any Scala process, from small console apps to large-scale distributed Akka cluster applications

Co-authored with Grégory Marti

Starting and stopping an application properly is an often underlooked challenge. Tackling domain complexity is the obvious priority, and we often postpone such mundane concerns for later. Yet, in today’s highly available distributed systems, robust and failsafe application initialization and termination are essential to maintain service quality and data integrity during updates.

Here are some aspects to getting a service off and on the ground:

  • initialize and terminate internal components in a specific order
  • flush buffers to persistent storage to avoid loss of data
  • close database connections and more generally release resources to avoid timeouts and…

Pure domain code at the core, Akka Persistence on the outside

Coauthored with Michał Tomański

When following a domain-driven design approach, it is considered good practice to have the domain code at the core of the application, self-contained and with no dependencies on platform-specific aspects (onion architecture). Domain code is as business-centric as possible, maximizing the ratio of business logic versus “plumbing” code. This makes business logic expressive and resilient to changes.

Although at first glance related to persistence and thus infrastructure aspects, adoption of event sourcing has a deep impact on domain expression. More than a particular technology, it is a design philosophy with an emphasis on immutable data and…

Jonas Chapuis

Principal Software Engineer at Bestmile

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